Kaiser, a police dog, being saluted as he walks to be laid to rest after being diagnosed with severe kidney disease.

this is the first post to actually make me cry

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What Hannibal’s really thinking (WTF edition)


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Online image search tool and Chrome extension that claims to locate US sex offenders in it’s database with facial recognition analysis:

This Free online safety tool uses Facial Recognition to scan photos of Potential Dates, Coaches, Teachers and more… Check them all with CreepFace instantly!

Just Right Click and Select “Scan with CreepFace” to check any online photo against 475,000 Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S.

Facial Recognition powered by

The Creepface online search engine can be found here



Keep all the girls safe!
And stay safe girlies.

Reblog constantly!

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I Don’t Know How Much Vodka I Put In This But I’m Going To Drink It Anyway: a memoir

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Hank Schrader and Jack Crawford are a lot alike. Both can’t catch what’s right under their noses (despite the very pungent smell of both meth and flesh). These people make Dora the Explorer look like a seasoned veteran. 

I took the camera on mine and Liam’s drive and this was my favourite picture of the bunch.

Sitting up straight does not hurt.

Said nobody with big breasts ever.

What’s in my bag: Wallet. Passport (and case). Moleskine. Kindle Fire.


I’m most likely going to end up sneaking Fall Out Boy lyrics into my wedding vows.

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The background here: my girlfriend had a 1944 dollhouse that she grew up with, and acquired bits of ‘furniture’ to make the experience more real. We were just down at her mom’s place for the holidays and, feeling nostalgic, she set up the bedroom. Her cat, Sunny, being the quirky thing that she is, finds new things interesting and manifests this curiosity by lying on them. These pics capture that moment: a small doll house bedroom with a gigantic Maine Coon, head resting on the pillow and everything. The first pic caught her getting comfortable, with her tongue just sticking out of her mouth.


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