I’ve technically been up since 5am. I am SO TIRED. I board in like an hour? Nobody told me that I was allowed to have two checked bags, so I filled one to the brim and overstuffed it. It was 3 kilos over the limit. Had to get a shitty bag and put some things in it. Meant to just put things I didn’t want in it so it wouldn’t be too much of a loss if I, ya know, lost it but then I put my LOTR DVDs and one of my favourite dresses plus a journal full of shitty calligraphy of bad words, so hope I don’t lose that because people will think I’m crazy.

I’m literally so ready for lunch and a nap right now. I also paid 5 dollars for a pack of 15 face wipes. Fuck airport prices, tbh. Also, I’m utilizing the shit out of the fact that I can have two checked bags now and buying new luggage because fuck this noise. That bag I have is a hell hole. 

I can’t wait to sleeeeeep.

Seventeen hours until I land in LA!

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10pm snuggles.

I have two books and three iPods to get me through the flight tomorrow. In LA, I’ll have to buy premium internet to handle all the Netflix I’ll be streaming.

What poopy quality, but latest picture with my favourite.

Homeward bound.

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I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

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