And this is a post in which I spill out all my love for eReaders.

Okay, so I have my particular preference on which eReader I like, and that’s the Nook. I love my Nook. It goes every where with me and it’s so easy to use, and I just adore every thing that it is. But other people may have their preferences on other eReaders, a few friends of mine have Kindles. Opinions will be opinions.

But the opinion I hate about eReaders is this: eReaders are evil inventions of which real books will perish and writers will stop writing. Yo, what is this, “real book” you speak of? Because if you’ve got an actual hard copy of The Book Thief and I have an eInk copy of The Book Thief for my Nook, and it’s the same story, what’s the difference? A book is a book no matter the medium of which it is delivered. 

I chose my Nook for reasons and they are as follows:

  • I noticed that I wasn’t reading anymore, or at least I wasn’t reading what I wasn’t required to read. Not everybody can get to a bookstore or a library every time they want to read a book.
  • Going to the bookstore requires money. I don’t have money and when I get money, yeah, I like books. But I’d rather not spend 20+ dollars on one book when it’s so subject to harm (like water damage or fire or ripping).

So yeah, I saved my money up and I bought a Nook and I love it. Already this year, I’ve read more books than I did in 2009 and 2010 combined. And I can take my entire library with me anywhere I go. Considering I want to move to Germany, eReaders are, like, a blessing. IDK if you know this, but it costs a shit load to ship books and it also costs a shit load to ship overseas. Shit load + shit load = fuck load. That’s the kind of money I’d rather spend on a washing machine or an oven or a fridge (because flats over in Germany come completely unfurnished, if you didn’t know, you have to buy all your own shit).

This was a personal decision I made to help me read more. It’s also environmentally and financially friendly. Do you know how many trees are used to make books each year? If I don’t like a book that I get on my eReader, it’s not a big deal because I didn’t waste money on it, I don’t have to waste gas to return it to the bookstore or library, and I’m not wasting paper if I decide to throw it out. I just take it out of my eReader’s library and pretend I never read it. Not to mention, I wouldn’t want to waste my money and time building up a library of every book I’ve ever read just to have my house flooded or or a fire break out. Do you know how many thousands of dollars that would be? Yeah, me neither and I don’t even want to think about calculating it. Whereas, if something happens to my Nook, I just replace it for about 130 dollars and all my books are stored safely in my Barnes & Noble account. It’s like with iPods and iTunes, fascinating right?

Speaking of iPods and iTunes… the way that people act against people with eReaders isn’t how iPods were treated ten years ago. It was all, “OH BOY! GIMME DAT!” But with eReaders, it’s like, “How dare you have one of those? I pledge to read the PRINTED word.” Bitch, this is printed, just a different form of publication, don’t act like you’re some holier than thou being because you chop down trees for the sake of sniffing a book like a freak.

Like I said in my first paragraph: opinions are opinions, and preferences are opinions. I can use my Nook, my friend can use her Kindle, and you can read a “real book”. So long as people are reading, should it really matter? I’m tired of being called uneducated because I own an eReader, I’m really not. I’m actually fairly educated, especially on eReaders, and that’s why I bought it. I mean, imagine what eReaders could do in the long run. These things could increase literacy in the world, and that’s what matters, right? We’re always complaining about how nobody reads anymore. Well, I’m reading, I’m just reading from a device that makes it easier for me to read the amount of books I want to read and when I want to read them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

And I’m not a book hater because I have an eReader either. I still buy “real books” okay? But now I don’t buy as many. Because I can first read them from my eReader and if I really enjoy them, if I really love them, I so go out and buy a “real” copy of it, a tangible copy of it. Because that book means something to me. 

And for the criticism of, “this is going to stamp out writers in the future,” I disagree. The more people who have eReaders, the more children who get to read more because of eReaders will grow up and they will be writers. This is the future, people. You all wanna complain about how shit’s not like it is in the Jetsons, well, it’s getting there. Embrace it.

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